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Slappa HardBodyPRO D2 90 DVDs/90 Covers Case


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The HardBodyPRO D2 DVD case holds either 90 discs/90 covers or 180 discs without covers and is constructed of a lightweight, molded xEVA HardBody shell to safeguard your favorite DVDs, Blu-Rays or videogame discs against drops, bumps and rain. Each page is sewn in and comfortably stores 6 discs (3 per side) and their accompanying covers via Slappa’s exclusive, D2 layered-pocket system. The inner pocket features a hand-stitched felt pouch designed to softly hug the disc, while the front-facing outer pocket contains a clear window for storing and viewing the booklet. The window is constructed of a transparent polypropylene plastic to avoid sticking to or damaging the discs and booklets. The SL-90/9004’s black, wave-pattern rubberized exterior and dual alloy zipper pulls add style to function. The case also features a carry handle with a custom ID window and accommodates any standard-size disc, making it the supreme solution for gamers, movie collectors and more!


  • Slappa HardBodyPRO D2 90 DVD/90 Cover Case with D2 Sewn-in, Fixed Pages
  • Lightweight, Molded xEVA HardBody Shell
  • Stylish, Black Rubberized PVC Exterior Finish with Soft, Black Microplush Interior
  • Fits Either 90 Discs with 90 Covers or 180 Discs without Covers
  • Pockets Sized to Fit Standard DVD, Blu-Ray or Game Discs & Covers
  • Each Pocket is Constructed of a Hand-Stitched Black Felt Pouch & Clear Polypropylene Outer Sleeve Window
  • Dual Alloy Zipper Pulls and Leatherette Handle with ID Window for Custom Labeling

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