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Slappa HardBodyPRO 300-600 Disc CD Case-Trolley 


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The HardBodyPRO 600 CD case holds either 300 discs/300 covers or 600 discs without covers and is constructed of a lightweight, molded polycarbonate HardBody shell to safeguard your favorite CDs or videogame discs against drops, bumps and rain. Each page stores 12 discs (6 per side) and their accompanying covers via Slappa’s exclusive, D2 “layered” pocket system. The inner pocket features a hand-stitched felt pouch designed to softly hug the disc, while the outer pocket contains a front window for storing and viewing the booklet. The outer sleeve is constructed of polypropylene plastic to avoid sticking to or damaging the disc. The case comes equipped with dual inline skate-style rubber wheels and a 4-stage telescoping handle for easy transport, as well as a molded handle and rubber feet for carrying or standing in briefcase mode. Locking key latches are included for added security.


  • Slappa HardBodyPRO Wheeled 600 Disc CD Case with Fixed, Nonremovable Pages 
  • Lightweight Molded HardBody Plastic Shell 
  • Holds 300 CDs with Covers or 600 CDs without Covers 
  • Black Honeycomb Exterior with a Soft, Tricot Interior 
  • Non-Stick Polypropylene Windows on Pockets Prevent Disc Damage 
  • Telescoping 4-Stage Pull Handle & Rubber Luggage Wheels for Easy Transit 
  • Molded Handle & Rubber Feet for Carrying/Standing in Briefcase Mode 
  • 4 Locking Latches Added Security (Includes Keys) 
  • Exterior Dimensions: 18.75” (W) x 13” (H) x 9.38” (D) 

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18.75 13 9.38

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